Epiphany Byzantine Catholic Church is the spiritual home to Catholics of six different rites.
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The architecture of Epiphany Byzantine Catholic Church mirrors the churches in the homelands of our forefathers who came to America from the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains in Eastern Europe (present day Slovakia) and Western Ukraine.

All wooden churches are categorized according to two basic types: the tripartite type, in which the anteroom (narthex), nave, and altar are in a single west-east axis; and the Greek-cross type. Epiphany is built in the tripartite style.

The Church

The structure reveals the very nature and meaning of what the church is: a communion of God and His People.

First we enter the narthex and we are asked to prepare ourselves to meet the Lord.

The main body of the church is the nave which symbolizes the body of believers. Here we gather for worship.

The altar or Holy Place represents the glory of God. The Holy Table at its center represents the throne of God.

Joining the Holy Place to the body of the church just as heaven and earth are joined by Jesus Christ is the iconostas or icon screen, which contains the iconic images of those members of the church who have already passed into glory (the patriarchs, the apostles, the forefathers, the saints and especially the Mother of God.

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